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WE STRIVE TO reducE STIGMA and discrimination


Feeding Feasible Feasts is a 501(c)3

non-profit offering food relief, community outreach and nutrition education services to the Pierce, Thurston and King County areas. A black woman led effort supporting local community with food outreach as early as 2016 well before the advent of the pandemic. in 2020 Feeding Feasible Feasts swung into overdrive and was legally formed. Post Covid-19 we continue to help the community cope with unprecedented levels food insecurity.

Food insecurity levels continue to increase today.


1. We believe that barriers to food, nutrition relief,

basic housing, basic commodities, and education can be overcome.

2. We recognize the deep, painful and relevant relationship between Hunger, Nutrition and Basic Human Needs.

3. We recognize the need for increased action and further research into the needs and relief efforts of disadvantaged populations. We are eager and willing to perform this work and the work that will result from that research.

4. Further, we commit to actionable items that address responsibility, relationship, and research to improve community experiences with food insecurity, hunger, nutrition, inadequate education and basic poverty needs.

Feasible Feasts believes no one lies about being hungry.


FOOD HUBS - Free standing weather and rodent-resistant structure, holds three tons of food, automatic closing doors, counts attendance, available 24/7, lit at night, ADA accessible, refrigerated unit, daily filling option, solar powered and sustainable *Patent Pending

BULK FOOD DELIVERY - This enables organizations to tailor their food delivery methods to fit their needs.

CUSTOM BOX PROGRAM - Food choices are custom chosen by the organization or their end users.

FULLY CUSTOM FOOD AND COMMODITY SUPPORT - FFF offers this service to schools and other organizations that have deeper and more individualized needs.

PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT - Appropriate for schools and other large service agencies looking to address food insecurity.

Our specialities are

Programic solutions


We are proud to have working relationships with; WSDA (We Feed WA, F2F), Harvest Against Hunger, Northwest Harvest, Kaiser Permenante, Amazon, Food Lifeline, We Do Better Relief, GuidenU4Life, Mosby Farms, Meadowsweet, Farmer Frog, East West Food Rescue, Grocery Outlet, Safeway, Cascadia Produce, FareStart, Charlie's Produce, Emergency Food Network, Pacific Produce, Preston Food Bank, Fife Food Bank, Tacoma Food is Free, Sustainable Renton, Transform Burien, Bethel School District, Fife School District, Bates College, Headstart ECEAP Programs, City of Milton, local Methodist Churches and many more.

These partnerships allow FFF to distribute over 60 tons of food a week.


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